Description:              Strathfield Library and Innovation Hub

                                           Extended Hours Access – Single Membership




The following terms and conditions apply to using Strathfield Library and Innovation Hub outside professionally staffed hours. These terms and conditions are to ensure the safety and security of everyone using the Library.

The applicant is required to use the Strathfield Library and Innovation Hub facility in accordance with the following terms and conditions. Strathfield Municipal Council (‘Council’) reserves the right to refuse or accept applications in accordance with the terms and conditions of use.


1.       The Applicant (and Guardian of Applicant if required) understands and acknowledges that by signing this application they are agreeing to all the terms and conditions below and agree to the consent and risk waiver.

2.       Applicants acknowledge that extended hours access is only available to library members who have applied for access, agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use herein and have their application approved by Council.

3.       The Applicant must be minimum 16 years of age and have consent from Guardian/Parent if under the age of 18.

4.       Regular library membership and customer behaviour guidelines (Library User Conduct Policy) apply at all times.

5.       Applicants acknowledge that only upon approval of extended hours access and completion of building and safety induction, will membership cards be activated to provide access out of staffed hours.

6.       The Applicant is solely responsible for their library membership card and must not share their access card for extended hours access at any time.

7.       Applicants that share their access card at any time will result in extended hours access being immediately terminated without notice and potential penalty suspension period of library by membership determined at Council’s discretion imposed.

8.       Penalty periods cannot be appealed and remain in place solely at the discretion of review by Council on a case by case basis.

9.       The Applicant may enter with one (1) family member or one (1) guest at any singular time.

10.   Applicants that enter with accompanying individuals are solely responsible for that person/s safety and behaviour during the time of visitation.

11.   Tail-gating of others on entry will not be tolerated and may result in suspended access of Membership.

12.   Strathfield Library & Innovation Hub is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Applicants acknowledge and understand that you will be recorded accessing and using the library facility.

13.   Applicants must respect the library resources and equipment at all times. The library must be left clean, neat and tidy. Food wrappers or drink containers are prohibited from being left in the library. Applicants must dispose of any waste items in the garbage bins located on ground or first floor.

14.   Returning items – Applicants must return items via Book Lockers on entrance to the Library.

15.   Borrowing items- any items Applicants wish to take home must be borrowed through the self-check system.

16.   Alcohol and smoking (tobacco or Vape products) is prohibited inside the Strathfield Library & Innovation Hub, and also within 5 metres of the main entrance and in the carpark.

17.   It is a strict requirement for Applicants that want to access the library outside staffed hours, the membership card must be scanned and input one-time PIN sent to your phone by SMS to gain entry on every occasion.

18.   When exiting the premises, Applicants must scan the membership card to open doors and record exiting the premises. This requirement is for Applicant safety and security.

19.   Applicants acknowledge and agree that upon exiting they will not hold the door open for anyone even if they have extended hours access. Applicants must use their membership card on exit to record departure from premises.

20.   All individuals with extended hours access must scan and use one-time PIN code to enter the building during unstaffed hours and must use their membership card on exit to record their departure.

21.   If Applicants are in the building when the library closes to non-members and staff have left for the day, Applicants are required to exit and re-enter by using their membership card and one-time PIN code. Applicants acknowledge and understand that this requirement is to ensure they are registered as being on the premises.

22.   Emergency procedures and floor plans are posted throughout the library. Applicants must take notice of where the nearest emergency route will be in the event of an emergency.

23.   Exit door – if the main door does not open and allow you to exit please use adjacent Emergency Door to exit the building

24.   Applicants acknowledge they are responsible for their own safety and wellbeing at all times, especially during the unstaffed hours.

25.   Applicants acknowledge that they are responsible for all property they bring to the library and acknowledge that Council is not liable or responsible for any loss or damage to such property.

26.   Council reserves the right to terminate access or suspend membership of Applicants that breach these terms and conditions or who has, in the opinion of Council, engaged in conduct which is offensive, misleading, deceptive or generally damaging to the goodwill or reputation of Council.

27.   Council reserves the right to terminate extended hours access at anytime without notice.



I understand and accept that accessing the library out of staffed hours under the extended hours Access period is an activity that there is a potential risk of personal injury or loss and that accidents or unforeseen evets do happen. I also understand and accept these risks of possible injury and harm or property damage or loss for which myself or my child/ward as Applicant may not be prepared.

I agree to fully release Council (and their councillors, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, contractors, sponsors or agents) from all liability (to the extent permitted by law) for any loss, injury (whether fatal or otherwise) or damage suffered in relation to my attendance and/or use of the library out of staffed hours, however so caused, including but not limited to, any negligence, breach of duty, or other acts or omissions of Council (or their councillors, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, contractors, sponsors or agents).

Privacy Statement

Council manages privacy and personal information in accordance with relevant legislation and Council’s Privacy Management Plan.  Information on how Council handles your personal information is explained in Council’s Privacy Management Plan.

Council collects and stores your personal information in relation to your application and participation in the extended hours access of the Library. You accept the provision of personal information is voluntary but failing to provide all or part of the sought after information may mean Council cannot process your application. Information provided by you may be accessed by government agencies and members of the public in accordance with relevant legislation.  Council is to be regarded as the agency that holds the information.

Under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 you can apply to access records of personal information Council holds about you, and then apply to amend or correct personal information.

You can access your personal information by writing to Council’s Privacy Contact Officer at PO Box 120, Strathfield NSW 2135. You can view Council’s Privacy Management Plan by visiting